Katrina's Angels

Coordinating resources for the survivors of major natural disasters.


What’s your passion?  Listed on this page are a number of fundraisingKA Wings Logo activities you can do on your own.  Or, you can work on an ongoing campaign.  As a volunteer you need to select at least one and get involved and support an activity that feeds your passion.  

Katrina’s Angels (KA) volunteers are more than just a wing and a prayer.  We represent real hope.

Read about our current fundraising campaigns and the Angel of the Month (AOM) Award which was established to recognize our volunteers who are making a difference.  

All monies are directed toward the efforts of helping survivors of disaster. All of our volunteers, including Directors, are unpaid so as to best help those in need.

Katrina's Angels has developed many outlets and ways in which individuals can donate to help fund our disaster relief projects. Check out this list:

Katrina's Angels Store
Come and buy some great stuff at the Katrina's Angel Store with the Katrina's Angels logo on it! Things for people and their pets...Help us raise money for Katrina's Angels.


Ongoing Auctions to Benefit Katrina's Angels on MissionFish.

Good Search
Search the Web Free coupons at top stores
Raise money for Katrina's Angels just by searching the web and shopping online!
Help raise money for Katrina's Angels without spending a penny. Use Good Search as you search the web! Automatically generate a donation for your Katrinas Angels.  Just go to: GoodSearch, where it ask “Who do you GoodSearch for?” enter Katrinas Angels. Every little bit adds up fast!

Or, you can shop online at your favorite store and automatically
generate a donation for your favorite charity, Katrinas Angels (KA).
Just go to: GoodShop, where it ask “Who do you GoodShop for?” enter Katrinas Angels as your charity and KA will earn a donation.

Do-It-Yourself Fundraising
This is a great way to raise money.  Here are some traditional fundraising ideas:
- get businesses to donate items then raise money by hold a local event or an online auction.
Bake Sale
Basket Raffle
Car Wash
Donation Containers – placed at participating merchants near the cash register
Mall Coat Check (especially doing the holidays)
Parties for Charities (instead of giving a gift)

For more
innovative ways to raise funds check out in Lieu of a Gift, DIY, Fundraising Tip and/or search online for other fundraising ideas.

Commercial Fundraising Ideas
Companies provide the product and you conduct the sales drive with aCommerical Fundraising Ideas to raise cash percentage of the proceeds going to the non-profit organization.  For commercial examples checkout the following or do an online search for commerical fundraising ideas.  (Dont' forget to use GoodSearch.)  
Profit Quest Fundraising  http://www.profitquests.com/FundraisingIdeas.html
Fundraising Ideas & Product Center  R
eFundraising - Reader's Digest (World's leading fundraising company)

Click here to read about our Current Fundraising Campaigns
➢    Thanksgiving Dinner 2008 for Victims in Disaster Areas
➢    Underwear and Sox Needed ASAP for Hurricane Ike and Gustav Victims
➢    Warehouse Needed to Hold Donations
➢    Transportation Assistance

Learn more about fundraising
Network for Good
How to write a fundraising letter
Fundraising Tips
Give a Hand-Volunteer
Volunteers, you make the difference.  Some times after the storm all a person has left is hope.  Be an Angel...Give a hand. 

Learn more about volunteering for Katraina's Angels go to our Volunteer Page.

Get involved today!

Thank you.