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Coordinating resources for the survivors of major natural disasters.

We want to hear from you.  Tell us what projects you are working on and how you are spending your volunteer time.  
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Katrina's Angels, VP of Finance

Cheryl Bystrak
Named Angel of the Month

Cheryl and daughter SamChosen as Angel of the Month for November, Vice-President and Financial Director Cheryl Bystrak is a Licensed Practical Nurse in the state of New York and held the title of Charge Nurse for many years until she became a stay-at-home Mom to daughter, Samantha, 9.

Having been raised with strong beliefs in helping others, Cheryl actively helped Hurricane Katrina evacuees find housing beginning in September, 2005. Having the support and understanding of her family, she remained a dedicated volunteer and Housing Director for Katrina’s Angels until there was no longer a need. Having previously been a professional bookkeeper, Cheryl remains on as our Financial Director.

“However, she has always worked above and beyond our expectations,” said Karen Iwicki, President and Program Director for Katrina’s Angels. “Lately, Cheryl has outdone herself, packing tote bags with personal care items, and then distributing them to flood victims in Gowanda, NY. Once there, Cheryl spent the weekend with her niece and daughter and other volunteers, cooking, baking, and preparing meals for flood victims and other volunteers.”

In addition to keeping track of Katrina’s Angels’ accounts, Cheryl searches the internet for good deals on supplies and personal care items for victims of disasters. She writes numerous letters requesting help and/or donations. She is also beginning grant writing for the organization, and often attends seminars and volunteer gatherings to get the word out about Katrina’s Angels and to actively seek out volunteers.

What makes her even more unique is that she does it all while using a wheelchair or crutches. She suffered a spinal injury several years ago that precludes her from many activities. However, it does not stop her from volunteering to help others. Her desire to help those in need seems endless. As Angel of the Month, she is a good choice. Congratulations, Cheryl! 

Thank you!

Karen Iwicki
Program Director, Katrina’s Angels Inc.

Katrina's Angels launched the Angel of the Month Award (AOM) in recognition of achievements and contributions made by volunteers to support the organization's efforts to serve communities affected by natural disasters.  Each month the Katrina's Angels Board of Directors (BOD) will select one outstanding volunteer to feature on our various websites: Katrina's Angels home page, Facebook, MySpace and the celebrity website founded by Jessica Biel - Make the Difference Network.   In addition, the volunteer selected as the winner for the AOM Award will receive a certificate of recognition and an award.   

How you can help:

Having signed up as a Katrina's Angel volunteer we hope you are now ready to make a commitment to help those in need.  We need your immediate support in the following areas:

  • Fund Raising – this is our #1 priority

  • Updating the KA Angels-In-Action Resource Library on the KA Yahoo Group Forum

  • Finding new resources and sponsors

  • Volunteers on the ground to assist with rebuilding in disaster zones

  • Media and Resource volunteers

  • Help raising awareness of the organization and its mission

  • Special Projects -  organize coat drives, food drives or toy drives for victims in the disaster areas. 

Useful Links:


Fundraising Ideas

Current Fundraising Campaigns

KA National Resource Library

Angels in Actions Forum

We provide support for your event or function:

All projects must be coordinated with our resource director, Jesse Hearin or consultant, Robin Peak.  Our Resource and Media departments can assist you with information as well as work with you on writing up articles about your function or event.  We can design flyers and posters for you to use to promote your event.   In some cases, we can help assist you with locating a Katrina's Angel partner organization to work with you or vice versa you with them.


Our number one need is funds.  If you plan a function or event to raise money then become familiar with how donations can be made.  Donations can be made online at any of our websites via PayPal.  All checks or cash donations, no exceptions, must be sent to:

Katrina's Angels Financial Director Cheryl Bystrak
10535 Bergtold Road
Clarence, NY 14031

Please participate.  We appreciate your time and thank you for your dedication.  For more information contact Robin Peak, ResourceConsultant@katrinasangels.org


  • The AOM Award is open to all Katrina's Angels volunteers.
  • Volunteers who wish to become candidates for the AOM Award must submit an email letting us know of their event or project.
  • The Katrina's Angels directors will select one volunteer as the winner each month.  
  • The winner will be featured on Katrina's Angel home page and mentioned on other websites in which KA has a webpage, such as Facebook, MySpace and MTDN.
  • Special gift(s) will be given as a prize to each AOM winner.  Gift items can vary and there is no set number.
  • The duration of the AOM Award is at the discretion of the Katrina's Angels BOD.
*Rules and criteria are set by the Katrina's Angels Board of Directors and are subject to change at their discretion. 

Contact: Robin Peak, ResourceConsultant@katrinasangels.org

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