Katrina's Angels

Coordinating resources for the survivors of major natural disasters.

About Katrina's Angels - www.katrinasangels.org

Katrina's Angels is a national volunteer effort that is driven by the generosity of people wanting to make a difference for those communities affected by federally and state-declared disasters. We are committed to providing coordinated solutions to rebuild the lives of those in communities affected by disaster through our volunteers and our partners. Katrina's Angels is incorporated in the State of New York and is registered as a Public Charity 501(c)3. EIN 13-4364286. We need angels willing to lend a hand as well as people willing to coordinate our angels.

What We Do

Katrina's Angels is committed to empowering volunteers and organizations nationwide to work together to support those people affected by federally and state-declared disasters. Our volunteers are provided with tools and structures to aid people affected by federally and state-declared disasters, connecting them to the resources in our growing network. What we provide our partner organizations is access to complementary resources and the volunteers who can provide accountability for such services or resources. Katrina's Angels acts as second responders, looking for those "pockets of need" and working through various community projects and using supply drives and various fund raisers to accomplish what we can for what is needed when necessary. Katrina's Angels also maintains a state-sorted resource library for public use at:

Who We Serve

Our services are available for individuals who are displaced because of a hurricane or natural disaster and are registered with FEMA. Our volunteers and partners work directly with agencies and community groups around the nation to provide "customer service" and solutions for evacuees. If you work with groups of evacuees, please contact us so we can work with you to find new options for the people you serve.