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Katrina's Angels would like to partner with groups on the ground in Colorado so that we may be of service. The need is overwhelming. Every dollar you donate goes directly back to help the relief effort with flood buckets, sheets, towels, blankets, diapers, or other supplies. It may take years for them to recover. Please help us and donate what you can. We have been servicing such needs since 2005. If you want to donate online, please click here to donate using Paypal. All donations are tax-deductible.

Welcome To The Home Of Katrina's Angels
Celebrating 6th Year of Service to Communities in Need!

We are almost three-quarters through the year 2013, and Katrina's Angels continues to help those we can. But we cannot do it without the continued help of our wonderful volunteers. Last year was a very difficult one as non-profits scrambled to help the victims of disaster sprinkled throughout our country. This spring, was the incredibly powerful twister in Moore Oklahoma. Last year brought huge tornadoes to Tuscaloosa, Alabama and Joplin, Missouri. There were floods in areas of Iowa, North Carolina, and Virginia and a record flood in Minot, North Dakota that wreaked havoc on a huge area of town. There were wildfires in Texas. Hurricane Irene hit the east coast. Then there was flooding in Iowa and Missouri, Hurricane Isaac, Hurricane Sandy, and now, tornadoes throughout Oklahoma, and now, the devastating High country Colorado floods.
As Katrina’s Angels, we do what we can in terms of providing some small relief to those who lost everything and have to start over. It is a huge job just keeping up with the links to various groups that have sprung up on Facebook to connect those in need with those who could help, which we post on our blog at KatrinasAngelsBlog. Follow our blog. There you can find lists of links and add any we may have missed.

Due to so many disasters, we want to keep the newsfeeds relevant to enable you to find the information you need. We now have the following Facebook Pages: Volunteer Opportunities for volunteering opportunities on the ground in disaster areas, Floods 2013 for those involved in any floods, Tornadoes 2013 for those involved in any of the tornadoes of the past couple of years, Katrinas Angels Hurricane Sandy for connecting everyone involved in the continuing problems related to Sandy. All of these pages are available for you to post if you are in need of help, can or want to help, or can provide any information from the moment a disaster occurs. Please like those pages on Facebook for new information to come through your newsfeed.

Smaller, non-profit organizations, including Katrina’s Angels, are suffering from the effects of both the recession and the huge costs of helping during some of the worst recent disasters in recent history. Please help us to continue helping others. If we are to answer the call of those in need following any disaster that may hit our country, Katrina’s Angels needs your help more than ever before. Please donate even $1 if you can Katrinas Angels Donation .

Or better yet, consider volunteering for us. A lot of things can be done at home on your computer if you can't actually travel to the areas affected.

Thank you.

Karen Iwicki

President, Katrina's Angels


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

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Who We Are

Katrina's Angels is a national volunteer effort that is driven by the generosity of people wanting to make a difference for those communities affected by federally and state-declared disasters. We are committed to providing coordinated solutions to rebuild the lives of those in communities affected by disaster through our volunteers and our partners. Katrina's Angels is incorporated in the State of New York and is registered as a Public Charity 501(c)3. EIN 13-4364286. We need angels willing to lend a hand as well as people willing to coordinate our angels. Please visit our Volunteer Page to join our efforts.

Our Results

We have had hundreds of volunteers registered in our organization at various times, and a growing list of partners who work together to serve the needs of those people affected by federally and state-declared disasters. Following the hurricanes of 2005, Katrina's Angels had 900+ evacuees and their families register and many families had every one of their needs filled. Even more inspiring are the results we have achieved since that time. To read more accomplishments by our organization and its partners, please visit our Results Page or the Angels in Action Forum .